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I thought that in my forties with experience in my activity, people would bother me less!, but that was without taking into account the "always more" factor,  I was stressed and anxious, my friends told me advised to do sophrology, so I decided to do a session, and very quickly felt relaxed and so I continued a few sessions, today I feel much better, I am sure of myself and I manages to manage my stress. Thank you Louise Haddad, Nathalie."



"I am 55 years old and am the director of several establishments, my staff is exhausted and does not respond as I would like to the wishes of our customers,  they are stressed, irritated, well not very friendly! Colleagues have told me advised to have them do sophrology, I therefore decided, taking into account the continuing education assistance program, to assign them a few hours of sophrology sessions with Louise Haddad, about whom I have heard the greatest praise. .  Thank you, Jonathan."




"I am 23 years old and still a student, I couldn't concentrate, to the point that very often I preferred to stay in my room to sleep than go to my classes. It was the guaranteed failure! After a few sophrology sessions with Louise Haddad, I regained my confidence and my abilities, I can't believe it!  Thank you Louise, Julie."



"Louise Haddad's sophrology sessions brought me undeniable well-being.

She listened to me with empathy and attention, gave valuable and wise advice, taught me to relax and find alone the means to resolve my problems or answer my questions.

I gained greater autonomy, more perspective and understood that life was much more joyful with a good dose of optimism and vitality as it exudes. Thank you, Laurence 53 years old"




"Daniel 65 years old retired - Athletics trainer and musician. How to say, how to describe? Injustice in all its forms and the use of my kindness by others made me aggressive. So I followed a session for about a year weekly sophrology session with Ms. Louise HADDAD. These sessions were an inner journey for me. Over the weeks, I was able to control my aggressiveness in daily life. I now manage to take it upon myself, to stay attentive to the other without letting myself get caught up, especially in my activities. Me who was aggressive, I feel refocused, strengthened. Concerning my sporting activity, I am a marathon runner. So I have to train physically, but I must not forget to prepare myself mentally also to perhaps make the difference on "D" day. Sophrology has indeed brought me into harmony with my body and my mind. It has also taught me to listen to silence .I would like to congratulate my therapist on the excellent work we have accomplished together. It's an unexpected gift. Thank you Louise."




"Ilan, 40 years old, salesman. 5 years ago, I lost my mother to widespread cancer. When she only had a few weeks left to live according to the doctors, we decided to do call to Louise Haddad for sophrology sessions. My mother surprisingly, very quickly, found courage and serenity.  She was no longer afraid of the treatments or the outcome of the illness and was able to live the last months of his life in peace.

I will never forget the profound help provided by Louise's charisma and kindness. Thanks again.




Katya, 50 years old
An experience of sophrology sessions with Louise Haddad cannot be forgotten...and you can enjoy it for the rest of your life..
Louise Haddad is sunny, radiant, positive and extremely caring...
She is very focused on our problem which she anticipates and understands very quickly.
Her relaxation, breathing and body sensation exercises taught me how to decompress, which is what I needed most!
But above all, to regain control of my body and better manage my emotions.
Positive visualization is an inexhaustible resource that I use again and again.
Louise Haddad taught me to do good to myself and to love it!
In short, to regain confidence!
Thank you Louise Haddad for your generosity and professionalism :-)




I haven't smoked for 5 months.

5 months since I felt free!

I have known Louise for several years, our children went to school together. When I learned that she was a hypnosis practitioner, I understood that I had to contact her to stop smoking. Personally, I felt a fear, I have been smoking for over 20 years. 

My dentist could not give me implants, as long as I continued to smoke……… After my two sessions with Louise and her very well-crafted program, here I am, liberated, delivered. I know I will never touch a cigarette again.

I hardly felt any shortage. Whenever I felt like smoking, I would have Louise's words in my head and it would pass very quickly. I can never thank Louise enough for her professionalism and moral support since the day I stopped...

Thank you very much



Reviews of the book “ENTER EN CREATERAPY” by Yvan Logier

One day, one meeting,
I made a new friend,
Of those of whom we are convinced that they do not exist,
He makes me travel into the infinity of myself,
Narcissistic fantasy you might say?
Nothing could be more false,
Thanks to him,
I rediscover the shape of my ears, my fingers, my nostrils, my stomach, the soles of my feet,
To relearn how to listen, to feel, to look, to breathe, almost to fly as it gives me wings,
A few 5-minute breathing exercises, taken at random from his advice, or in a well-established order,
He reminded me of the meaning of colors and shapes, so important in photographic composition,
What a pleasure your practical sheets, clear writing, the verb almost singing, 
What verve in the construction of your sentences,
This precious, discreet, infallible friend is called
“Enter creative therapy”
He is carnal, easy to consult, very educational, and practical, goes to the essential while presenting in depth each theme covered, what a challenge!
Creation takes on its full meaning here, 
Blank page or the impression of no longer moving forward, or wanting to go further, or simply curious, even intrigued,
The book is made for you,
Behind every success there is a woman,
This is verified once again,
Louise Haddad, its sophrologist author, will be happy to talk to you about it in more detail,
Its author,
That dear companion, I could not help myself, passing through the doors of creation that you yourself opened to me,
To add a watermark on your face,
Its author,
But I would also say its artisan,
Or rather its art-tisane,
Because yes I confess,
I would take it
Tea with Lou



Reviews of the book “ENTER INTO CREATERAPY” by Jo Meg


Hi Louise
Like many, I followed this journey to wonderland. 
More down to earth, I finished reading your baby. I find it very cool. For some, it will be their bedside book, a sort of breviary. It is obvious that it brings living forces, positivity and elements of dopamine, which make you feel good. I really enjoyed reading it, it brings a blessing, a serenity. 
We surprise ourselves by making movements, by breathing, by hearing ourselves breathe correctly. 
So it is true that for more than 20 years, my favorite authors have been: M. Ricard, Christophe André, À. Jullien, F. Lenoir etc... I have happened to attend conferences, meditation etc... I always get lots of energy from it. 
Coming back to the book, I really liked your book because I recognized myself perfectly in it. In 2000, I had the chance to completely change direction, moving from legal to entertainment. I started (but I continue) by volunteering: hospital, nursing home, institute for autism etc... Then all kinds of festive events.... I had to learn to become a clown. To speak, to express myself correctly. Learn the basics of magic, then work for hours on certain tricks (I made a tax inspector disappear, and to this day, I haven't managed to get him back, he must have a problem with the instructions this round...lollll). As for the balloon sculpture, again hours of work to coordinate the hands and the head (and for the boys, G-d only knows if it's complicated). 
I think every once in a while I'll open a random page and read it or practice what needs to be's a good exercise. 
THANKS. Well done and again my congratulations. Kisses;


Louise Haddad , I present it to you. She is a high school friend whose presence in my life was divided between bulimia and abstinence.

School teacher, sophrologist, she recently embarked on this wonderful experience of writing a book.

A book on personal development.

She drew on her experience in sophrology to talk to us about creativity.

A book filled with breathing exercises that can help everyone to channel themselves in many situations.

A book to read and put into practice.

To keep on hand.

Breathing well is living better.

To create is to exist (she uses this word creativity in a very broad sense, which highlights that we are all creative)

Bravo to her

Find my readings on Instagram @lirealaurore

And on Babelio with the same nickname.

Frédérique CL


Very qualified therapist, attentive, without judgment and with enormous empathy.

Guaranteed results. Actively participate with you in the session. Able to understand you and adapt the session to your personality.

I highly recommend these sessions.




Louise HADDAD, Sophrologist, Relaxologist, Hypnosis Practitioner, Master Specialist in Caycedian Sophrology for more than 10 years consults at her office located in Thiais near the Thiais Village TVM stop, and is easily accessible from Paris with the RER c, T7 or T9, Creteil, Maisons Alfort, Alforville, Choisy le Roi, Villejuif, Chevilly Larue  Fresnes, Antony, Wissous, Orly, Rungis, Villeneuve le Roi… The town of THIAIS, postal code 94320, belongs in the Val-de-Marne department and the Île-de-France region. In 2020, the town of THIAIS had 30,788 inhabitants.

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